Build Your Own Google Street View Car

How would it be to drive in the Google Street View car? The designers of F.A.T. built a fake Google Street View car and successfully provoked the activistic inhabitants of Berlin while driving around. The critique on Google increases. While Google was considered to be the most sympathetic and innovative company of last decade, currently a sense of irritation is emerging among privacy activists all around the world. In Berlin, scepticism towards Google seems to be most pronounced.

For the occasion of Transmediale 2010, F.A.T. members met in Berlin and produced a series of projects dedicated to the topic of the week: FUCK GOOGLE. In addition to free software, browser add-ons, live streams, communiques and on-site workshops, F.A.T. Lab built a fake Google Street View car and shared the ‘how to’ guide online: click here to check it.