Boxpark Pop-Up Mall

Boxpark is the world’s first pop-up shopping mall, comprising of 60 shipping containers stacked 2 floors high. Appearing in a goods yard next to Shoreditch High Street station this August, the new shopping complex will feature a varied mix of retailers to cater to all budgets, from mainstream brands to more the more niche, as well as cafes and a balcony terrace.

Designed by Waugh Thisleton Architects, this is a low cost solution for a temporary site, one that is to be developed after 2015 by the current owners, with a promise that the mall will have a 5 year lifespan. Until then, Boxpark will bring down rental costs for retail units, especially in fashionable Shoreditch. Retailers are offered 2 options; a 1 year contract so that new businesses can test the idea, and if they prosper, are offered a 5 year lease.

The use of shipping containers means that units can be fabricated elsewhere, and introduced instantly to the mall. They are being seen as an ideal building material; they’re stackable and weather resistant, and thanks to their standardised sizing, they create great modular opportunities.