Bookmark Your Favorite Locations With Grafetee

Grafetee is a new app that makes it possible to bookmark your favorite locations. Available for iOS and Android smartphones, the app enables users to bookmark real-world places and share them with friends.

Whether you’re planning to buy a new home, make a travel plan or just want to collect interesting places for future reference, then Grafetee says to be helpful. The app works pretty much the same as bookmark service Delicious, but helps you to store interesting locations instead of interesting websites.

Grafetee is yet another web service that connects the digital and physical world due to its location-focused functions. It enables us to make personalized travel guides, share the most special locations with friends and save ideas for trips, attractions and events for when being close. Springwise adds some other potential uses to the list: “Although marketed as a social network revolving around real-world locations, it is possible that Grafetee could be used to post crime eyewitnesses, encourage citizen journalism or quickly get across information to emergency services on the ground. One to keep an eye on?”