Beer Bottle Christmas Tree

Dutch beer brand Heineken built a huge Christmas tree right in front of the Nanjing road mall in Shanghai, China. The tree consists of 1,000 bottles of Heineken’s export beer. It’s still not clear whether these bottles are full or empty, no-one in blogosphere has taken the effort to go to China and check it, and we won’t neither. The construction reminds me of the Jupiler beer cathedral we wrote about last Christmas. But this one is obviously to celebrate Christmas as an alternative for the natural trees that decorate the average city square at this moment.

The project is set up to brand Heineken as a green brand, considering the debate about natural versus articial Christmas trees. This green tree should make Heineken look good, and although the campaign shows to work considering the amount of blogs that wrote about this rather small, and not amazingly beautiful sculpture, the debate is whether this ‘green tree’ is really greener than planting a natural tree. Anyway, for now this looks to be the right moment to wish a you all a merry Christmas! We’ll be two days off. Have fun!