BEEBOX Transforms Empty Floors Into Flexible Co-Working Spaces

Since our first article about flexible interior units, four years ago, plug-in concepts have become more relevant than ever. Nevertheless, we’ve seen none of them really hit the market. The BEEBOX mobile office may be one of the first interior ideas fit for large-scale production.

Designed by Amsterdam-based office Buro Beehive and produced by Fiction Factory, the BEEBOX is able to easily transform an empty floor into a flexible co-working space. Every BEEBOX office comprise a desk, cupboard and acoustic wall panels that create a comfortable, private workspace. The unit comes as a 2m × 1.6m × 0.9m box that allows for easy shipping and set-up.

According to designers Christophe Veen and Bart de Groot, the BEEBOX is built for places that demand flexibility. Think of vacant office buildings that scream for temporary and light functions, such as co-working spaces. The only thing that the units need is electricity for the built-in light. As you can see in the first picture, many BEEBOX units are already built and used by the people of Buro Beehive themselves, who are specialized in temporary use of vacant buildings throughout Amsterdam.