Bacon: The New Urban Lifestyle Food

How come that bacon so suddenly seems to become a lifestyle snack? Earlier this year Bacon sprinkles were successfully funded on Kickstarter and taken in production after, and now sportswear brand Reebok comes up with bacon as a new sports-related lifestyle product.

Traditionally, bacon is one of the favorite ingredients in the American kitchen and most people would associate the product with hamburgers, pasta carbonara, English breakfast, and obese — not particularly healthy, nor the type of food that you would expect a major sports brand to build a campaign around. Reebok, though, aims to combine these natural preferences of the American customer with a new dialogue about bacon by claiming that it’s beneficial to CrossFit athletes. To engage with the growing CrossFit community, Reebok has developed its own line of bacon products that was launched during the Reebok CrossFit Games in 2014.

Reebok Bacon

CrossFit is a way of fitness that combines weight-lifting, gymnastics and athletics to create a complete program of indoor and outdoor work-out. A typical diet for CrossFit athletes is a Paleolithic diet, which finds its roots in the hunter-gatherer society. People that eat according the prescriptions of this low-carbon carnivorous diet have to eat much protein and fat and leave carbohydrates out of their daily meals. That’s where the bacon comes in. The Reebok Bacon is completely made according to the Paleo prescriptions. It’s free from all nitrates, preservatives, MSG, and sweeteners, and it’s smoked rather than cured.

Reebok Bacon

Together with advertising agency Venables Bell & Partners, who came up with the Reebok Bacon idea, Reebok now has plans to organize other bacon-related events. Besides, the sports brand has designed a special gourmet food truck to vent out bacon-specialities such as bacon-wrapped artichokes, bacon-wrapped chorizo-stuffed dates, bacon-wrapped seasoned pork belly, and bacon-wrapped carne asada and pepperoncini. The Reebok Bacon Box is currently visiting Los Angeles as part of a tour through California.