An Online Marketplace For Bike Rentals

Spinlister is a fresh initiative from Los Angeles that enables people to earn a little extra money by renting out their bicycle.

According to Springwise, this peer-to peer marketplace for bicycles is comparable to other services for renting out luxury vehicles, gardens and parking places, and is focused on bike enthusiasts around the world. Cycling becomes increasingly popular and a lot of people like to explore a new city by bike. Spinlister fulfils this need as a couch-surfing network for bicycle riders.

All individual bike owners can create an account and list their bike by posting a picture of their bike along with other details such as size and price. Renters can check the website and choose their perfect bike by typing their ZIP code and search the site for the best deal. Finally both parties agree on a pick-up time. Money is charged by Spinlister and sent to the owner every two weeks. Spinlister takes all the best bikes available for rent, whether they’re offered by bike shops or individuals, and puts them all in one place. A system of reviews, Facebook Connect, and renter credit cards on file have to ensure that any misconduct on Spinlister will be fully investigated.