Airpnp Lets You Use Strangers’ Bathrooms

The name Airpnp obviously plays off the widely renowned peer-to-peer service Airbnb,​ but instead of rooms or apartments this peer-to-peer platform sees the arrangement of bathroom ‘stays’.

The homepage of the New Orleans-based ‘pay-to-pee’ service states that this is the app for finding a clean, comfortable bathroom no matter where you are. Prices start at reasonable $1, an absolute pittance to those who know the distress of being caught out without a loo. So businesses and private residents have now the opportunity to rent out their bathrooms and the users can rate their ‘experience’ afterwards.

Airpnp 3

The founders of Airpnp, Travis Laurendine and Max Gaudin, saw the need for more possibilities to pee in their hometown New Orleans especially during the annually Mardi Gras celebrations. With their peer-to-peer service the just jumped  into the combination of a lack of public toilets and tons of festival visitors looking for a place to urinate legally (while facing a weekend in Orleans Parish Prison if caught peeing at random!).


So Airpnp is the everyday needed version compared to other sharing economy platforms that focus on occasions that occur more rarely like city trips (what Airbnb would be for) or tools and other goods what maybe NeighborGoods could cover.