A Store For Urban Beekeepers

Claimed to be the latest big environmental movement, urban beekeeping is hotter than hot. Perfectly in line with this trend, a true urban beekeeping store has recently opened doors in Portland, Oregon. Bee Thinking specializes in offering products and services relating to beekeeping in urban environments, such as beehives that require minimal space. The owner considers Bee Thinking to be the world’s first store that’s entirely devoted to beekeeping.

“Bee Thinking specializes in top bar hive and Warre hive beekeeping supplies and resources. Our hives are built from sustainable materials in the Portland, Oregon metropolitan area. In addition to supplies and beekeeping resources, we also provide swarm and bee removal, hive removal, top bar and Warre hive consulting and classes.”

Over the last years we’ve seen a number of shops popping up that are related to specific urban trends. Think of the large-scale bicycle lifestyle trend of the last years that brought not only specialized bicycle stores to world cities like London and New York, but also bicycle-related coffee shops and bars. Or what about this urban farming style shop in New York City, or the Urban Farm Store in Portland, Oregon?

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