A Nomadic Bubble

Why do we build solid houses of bricks and concrete to lock ourselves up, while there is so much more to see in the world? According to Bitrebels we spend so much time of our lives sitting in the same boring room, while it actually becomes possible to experience the world a little more nomadic.

Our current houses are based on former building traditions and on the limitations of technical possibilities. Nowadays the options changed. We have increasing opportunities to live comfortable right at the most pretty scenes on Earth. This is the CristalBubble.

Before we wrote some articles about inflatable architecture, on the history of inflatables and on bubble-specialized offices like Raumlabor and Plastique Fantastique. The CristalBubble is an interesting addition to this collection of inflatable examples. Not only because it shows yet another pretty design, but also because it gets away from experimenting. Instead of being an inspiring piece of festival architecture, the CristalBubble is made as a serious pop-up shelter for future mass production. It is for sale for a price of ‘only’ 7,796 euros — perhaps still a little expensive for a piece of plastic. However, it comes with a silent blowing turbine and wooden floor. The transparent balloon takes only 15 minutes of inflation time and no planning permission is required.

Frame Magazine gives some technical details about the CristalBubble:

“The CristalBubble is made of a recyclable, anti-UV, crystal-clear material. A minimal entrance supported by a lightweight frame creates a barrier between outside and inside. A blower ensures that air renewal is continuous and that humidity, dirt, mosquitoes and other pests – apart from inquisitive passers-by – are kept out. If more privacy is desired, the partially opaque BubbleRoom is a better option.”