A House In One Day

The guys of REFUNC, a Dutch collective of architects and builders, created this upcycled architectural installation. The Road Air is a flexible and movable ‘house’ that can be built in one day.

An old trailer, interior windows of airplanes, fish crates and on old carpet were blended into a new highly movable shelter that looks very good thanks to the specific round shape of the airplane windows. REFUNC’s approach involves solitarily old and used materials to create crazy new architectural typologies.

REFUNC’s founders Denis Oudendijk en Jan Korbes, who’ve done pretty cool other projects like Millegomme, have lots of experience with the transformation of urban left-overs into good-looking architectural forms. Rather famous is their floating capsule hotel made out of an old rescue boat, as well as the windmill container — a self-supporting container pavilion with huge unused windmill blades on its roof. Also Millegomme’s shelter made from old care tiles is rather brilliant. With this project, Oudendijk and Korbes also try to inspire and help people in less fortunate living conditions in slums all over the world. Although these people might not read TreeHugger or Inhabitat to stumble upon the nice concepts and designs that Millegomme makes with old auto tiles, the idea of using old materials that are available everywhere in the world to make good architecture, is really interesting for this specific purpose.

The Air House is part of a series of constructions made by REFUNC that were built in only one day with a predefined selection of old stuff. It’s like cooking with left-overs: see what you’ve got and make something useful of it. As I’ve the slight suspicion that the REFUNC guys will not live in their creation themselves, I’m really curious what it will be used for…

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