8-Bit Bicycle Safety Light

Earlier we wrote about Blaze, a laser projector that should help bicycle riders to tour more safely in cities. Now, there is an another simple but great invention: the Monkey Light. It may sound funny, but it’s a very effective way to stand out in the dark nights of the city nowadays.

The newest model of the device is made of a row of five LED lights and is completely waterproof. The lightweight and balance light can be strapped on the bicycle’s spokes and in move it produces colorful and changeable patterns, based on 8-bit game figures, other traditional patterns and tile mosaics. Except for patterns, the lights can also be used for advertisements completed with text. The designer, Dan Goldwater, co-founder of Instructables and SQUID Labs, is also the creator of the clear plastic Tron Bike.

Again, this is a project on Kickstarter, watch their video here!