Blaze It Up

Blaze Laserlight is a new technology that allows people to feel safer in urban environments where chaotic traffic endangers many cyclists in contexts prone to accidents.

Meet Blaze Laserlight, a new step towards improving cyclists’ urban experience, by keeping them safe on the hectic streets. This new technology improves the experience of urban cycling by increasing riders’ visibility through a powerful white light and a laser image that helps avoid blind spots. A friendly green laser light of a cyclist is projected 6 meters in front of a cyclist, signaling arrival before it takes place. The testimonials and trials of Laserlight show the potential of this simple, yet powerful technology that has so far saved people from accidents.

Transport for London have already hopped on board, equipping their CitiBikes with Blaze Laserlight, followed by New York CitiBikes. Blaze is not just another cycle light, but a stronger guarantee that you will feel safer on the streets. These laser lights withstand any kind of weather, making it favorable for places with heavy rain where there is a massive amount of cycling, such as Amsterdam or London. This initiative can also encourage new people to take up cycling in the big city.

Trials at the Transport Research Laboratory in the UK showed that Blaze reduces blind spots caused by the shape and mirrors of vehicles, offering high visibility for pedestrians as well. Blaze Laserlight also proved to be more visible for buses than the regular LED cycle lights which offer only 72.5% visibility, as opposed to 96.2% with Blaze. With a battery life of 13h and alertness 100%, you can now be sure that you’re safer on the busy city streets. Educating people to recognize and look for the signaling of the Blazer might take a bit, but it’s totally worth it!