Empty Office Floor Becomes A Temporary Airbnb Hotel

As part of last month’s Ruimtekoers Festival in the Dutch city of Arnhem, the Woonpioniers collective transformed an empty office floor into four intimate temporary shelters that were rented out on Airbnb.

A special feature of the shelters is their exceptional location — all four accommodations, suitable for two persons each, were located in an empty 500 square meters big space on the third floor of an office building in the city center of Arnhem. Guests could choose to spend the night in a beautiful yurt by Ilma Yoga House, a bed designed especially for this occasion by Ivo Bakker, a tree house offered by tree house festival Boomhuttenfest, or a super cozy Tiny Home that was built by Woonpioniers themselves.

Bedstay Arnhem Bedstay Arnhem Bedstay Arnhem Bedstay Arnhem

The hyper-temporary hotel accommodated everything that an ordinary hotel has, including a reception, a bar, and (shared) bathrooms. Nevertheless, initiators Jelte Glas and Arthur van der Lee consider Bedstay Arnhem to be more like an indoor campsite. For Woonpioniers the project is part of an ongoing exploration of new living environments for vacant urban spaces.