The Fountain Of Health

Spirulina Fountain

What may sound like a highly bizarre concept is actually a new method, from Bureau A, to manufacture health supplements. Their Spirulina Fountain, located in a public park of Geneva, is an innovative fountain/laboratory hybrid that wittily combines the production of intense blue-green algae with the contemplative Italian gardens of the 16th century.

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  • Zero Waste Dining

    Zero Waste Dinning

    Brighton’s newest restaurant SILO has adopted an interesting slant on sustainable behaviour by utilizing a pre-industrial food system which generates zero waste. Sounds great,but what does it all mean?

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  • On Kebab Foxes And The Urban Wildlife

    Urban Nature

    Did you know that the average domesticated cat eats around sixteen birds a year? Your cat is not that innocent as it may appear — it’s still a wild tiger, only now living in a forest of houses instead of trees. The oyster-catcher used to reside in coastal areas, but now lives on the roofs of our cities. Crow’s nests made out of cable ties, string and pieces of wire — meet the urban nature of today.

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