Paper Faith: Shigeru Ban’s Cardboard Cathedral

Japanese architect Shigeru Ban is well-known for his works with a limited temporal scope: we mentioned in last week’s article on the Snoozebox Hotel that he used shipping containers for disaster relief housing in Miyagi, and he has a considerable portfolio of disaster relief works made of paper products, including houses, schools, churches, and concert…

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They Might Be Giants And The Pink Cardboard Monsterhearse

They Might Be Giants: remember them? “Birdhouse In Your Soul”? C’mon, you don’t remember that unreal music video from 1989? For shame! The cover art for the band’s most recent effort, 2011’s Join Us, features a pink hearse/monster truck hybrid, which is an interesting image in itself. But the band and the cover art’s designer,…

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The Cardboard Monster Invasion

Wooster Collective reports about this great animation made by the Dutch artist Sjors Vervoort. The cardboard creatures, monsters and insects show to conquer the Dutch city of Eindhoven. Actually I assume the movie is recorded in Eindhoven, but I’m not sure. There’re a couple of words to read on billboards that make me think so….

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Norwegian Clouds Of Cardboard

Design studio Fantastic Norway created a dreamy, pixellated cloud of recycled cardboard for the student exhibition of the Norwegian Centre for Design and Architecture in Oslo. Their artwork demonstrates how beautiful a simple idea can be. “Being that the exhibition is set to present brand new design objects, we decided to base the architectural concept…

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Emergency Shelters Made From Paper

Shigeru Ban's shelters in Rwanda

After working for wealthy costumers year after year Japanese architect Shigeru Ban started to question his contribution to society and decided to give his career another direction with a very different clientele. He decided to create and build emergency shelters that help people in need in disaster struck areas with nothing so simple but paper. Being on this noble course since the 1990s he has not lost sight of it ever since.

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IKEA Launches Flat-Pack Modular Refugee Shelter

IKEA refugee shelter

With plenty of experience in manufacturing prefab design, IKEA has launched a modular refugee shelter that can be set up in only four hours at any place in the world. The light-weight construction comprises of a steel frame with insulated light-weight polymer panels and comes flat-packed in a cardboard box, like all IKEA furniture. The panels, pipes, connectors and wires can be assembled pretty easily thanks to a classic IKEA manual.

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