They Might Be Giants And The Pink Cardboard Monsterhearse

They Might Be Giants: remember them? “Birdhouse In Your Soul”? C’mon, you don’t remember that unreal music video from 1989? For shame!

The cover art for the band’s most recent effort, 2011’s Join Us, features a pink hearse/monster truck hybrid, which is an interesting image in itself. But the band and the cover art’s designer, Paul Sahre, decided to take the album art to the next level. By spending months creating a life-sized version of the pink monsterhearse out of cardboard and subsequently destroying it in a music video, of course.

This is just wonderful. Go take a look at the music video, which shows the making- and destruction-of sequences for this large piece of cardboard insanity. If you’re feeling adventurous (or super bored), you can download a PDF with instructions (make sure you blow it up to 3400% of its original size). You can’t make this stuff up.