The Cardboard Monster Invasion

Wooster Collective reports about this great animation made by the Dutch artist Sjors Vervoort. The cardboard creatures, monsters and insects show to conquer the Dutch city of Eindhoven. Actually I assume the movie is recorded in Eindhoven, but I’m not sure. There’re a couple of words to read on billboards that make me think so. With that, I don’t recognize any other shot in the whole animation, so it must be Eindhoven.

The animation is stop-motion and made with pieces of folded and painted paper. It must have taken ages to prepare all the pieces of cardboard and make this film, but the result is awesome. It’s pretty much a fantasy world. Industrial/technology city Eindhoven seems to inspire artists to make this kind of new interpretations of the city’s rawest scenes. Sjors Vervoort graduated at the art academy with this project. Sound design by Steven Aerts.

I hope the story will continue. What is going to happen with all the moving creatures? Are the going to meet each other? And will Eindhoven survive this invasion?