Unfold And Unwind With Urban Libraries

In cities that never sleep, it sometimes feels impossible to slow down and simply relax. Toronto project Story Pod provides a space to do just that.

By night, Story Pod is interesting on its own, as a tall, compact, glowing box. By day, the box unfolds to let light fall in and provide a space for passers-by to relax. Located in Newmarket, outside Toronto, the pod is lined with shelves for curious visitors to spend time enjoying the ever-changing literature left behind by others. Visitors are encouraged to drop off books of their own to keep revitalizing the space for others to enjoy.

Story Pod Story Pod Story Pod

The pod is open to all by day, and is locked at night where the 8’x8′ structure is left glowing, powered by the self-sustaining solar panels on the rooftop. As the Story Pod is adjacent to a busy shopping area as well as a riverside walking trail, its visible location acts as a frequent reminder for residents to take time to relax.