Turn Your Office Into A Gym

We’ve always been passionate about modular and flexible furniture concepts that allow for multiple functions. Here we’ve got another great example that combines two apparently incompatible functions. Industrial designer Darryl Agawin came up with ‘No, Sweat!’, a piece of office furniture that completely converts into a gym set-up. The three-element workspace furniture set that can be easily changed when one’s in desperate need of a work-out.

In today’s busy lives it can be difficult to find the time for daily exercise, explains Agawin. And still not all offices have a gym hidden somewhere in the building. By combining work-space and work-out furniture, ‘No, Sweat!’ allows everyone to take a break from their busy work schedules and do some exercise.

No, Sweat! No, Sweat! No, Sweat!

The office set-up consists of a table a chair and a lamp and easily converts into elements like an exercise step, a balance board, a weight bar, a skip rope and a kettle bell — things you also find in a regular gym. Click here for a video that explains how it all works, and how this simple set-up can be used for over 100 different simple exercises.