Future Urban Living

Micro-living, shared living and co-living are emerging phenomena in housing. Living as a service concepts are challenging the traditional housing patterns. What’s their value to the city?


From Possession to Use: Tulu’s Lending Cabinets Make it Possible

Why buy when you can borrow? Tulu installs tool libraries in residential, office or hospitality buildings available for everyone's use.


Live in a Van, Plug Into Co-Living Communities Along the West Coast

A new generation of companies are taking co-living to the next level. Combining van living with plug-in communities, Kibbo is one of them.

Pocket Living

Pocket Living Keeps London’s Housing Market Accessible for First-Time Buyers

London-based Pocket Living is making homeownership more affordable and accessible through their modular homes. 

IKEA Home of Tomorrow

IKEA Envisions the Home of Tomorrow — Including Spirulina and Aquaponic Farms

IKEA collaborated with Polish designers to imagine how we can integrate a more eco-friendly lifestyle into our future homes.

Generations Block Helsinki

The Latest Trend in Co-Living: Multiple Generations Under One Roof

The Block in Helsinki, Finland offers multigenerational shared living with communal spaces for all hobbies and activities.

Kin Family Co-Living

With Kin, Even Families Are Turning to Co-Living

Kin is the co-living solution for urban families complete with community events, shared family-centric spaces and even child-minding services.


Noiascape Creates Urban Spaces With Multi-Use Renting in Mind

Noiascape, a design initiative in London by Teatum+Teatum, is providing a network of new urban co-living spaces that prioritise homeliness.


Can Pod Living Fix the Urban Housing Crisis?

Berlin-based startup Robynhood challenges the crippling housing crisis by transforming empty factories and commercial buildings into affordable housing with the use of sleeping pods.


Plugin Housing Turns Empty Shopping Mall Into Co-Living Space

Vivahouse is a prefabricated housing system that allows flexible housing to be quickly made available in empty buildings within 24 hours.

Tokyo Basecamp

A Home Away From Home for Tokyo’s Long Commuters

Torafu Architects have transformed a five-storey building in Tokyo into an office and co-living space for the business travellers coming to the city each day.


LOHA Designs High-Density Housing With Outdoor Community Space

Architecture firm LOHA designed a high-density housing solution that meets demand without compromising affordability or its community.

Mitigation of Shock

Is This the Climate Change-Ravaged Future of Urban Living?

Design studio Superflux has created an installation of how future homes might look like considering the realities of climate change.