These Cabs Bring You Anywhere But Home

When you jump into a taxi the first thing you do is telling the driver where to go. That’s not exactly the case with these Converse-branded cabs that are currently driving around the dark streets of Amsterdam.

“This is a ticket to a gig tonight. Stop this car and get in” says the text that’s spray-painted on each of the black Fiat Pandas. If you stumble upon a cab with its light on green, you’re able to stop it and get in. The driver of the Converse Ticket Cars will take you to a concert somewhere in Amsterdam, but you don’t know where you will be taken to until the moment you arrive at the venue and get free two tickets for a gig that’s taking place that night. The destinations include some of Amsterdam’s famous night clubs and concert halls, such as Paradiso, Bimhuis, and Bitterzoet.

Converse Ticket Cars Converse Ticket Cars Converse Ticket Cars

The aim of the Converse cabs is to take urbanites off their regular paths. The project doesn’t focus on a practical way of navigating through a city, but on an experience-driven one by offering exclusive trips to those who have the courage to get into the taxi. That’s a great idea, but the choice of super-famous venues where the taxis drop off their passengers ain’t that exciting. It would have been great if the cabs go to places you normally wouldn’t come. A tunnel rave. A stranger’s birthday. A karaoke night at an elderly care center.

The Converse Ticket Cars will be driving most nights in Amsterdam for three weeks only — between September 11th and October 5th. Jump in if you see one and get prepared for the unknown!