The Secret Door: Your Travel Agency To Google Street View

With Street View Google has mapped the whole world and made the world accessible from our digital devices. Not only urban streets but also landscapes such as the Grand Canyon, as well as interiors of museums, shops, offices and bars are shot by Google’s lenses. This enables some kind of digital traveling.

Exploring the world’s greatest cities and landscapes is possible from behind the screen, while you sit in your lazy chair. But it still takes some effort find the great spots, just like in real life. The website The Secret Door tries to unlock Street View’s hidden treasures for its visitors.

The Secret Door The Secret Door The Secret Door

Behind the ‘door’ a whole world of beautiful landscapes, crazy shops and amazing places on this world have been selected. Users of The Secret Door are dropped at such a spot and are free to wander around digitally. When you get bored, you can easily push the button to be taken to another travel location. Curating Google Street View, The Secret Door could be considered one of the first real online travel agencies.