Spatial Exploration Nature Park Oeverlanden

Oeverlanden will change from suburban nature reserve to urban nature park in the coming years. PUC conducted a spatial exploration of the opportunities for art and culture in the area.

Over the next 30 years, Oeverlanden will change from remote nature reserve on the outskirts of Amsterdam to a nature park within the city. This will also change the use and identity of the area. To make this change visible now and give the area an impulse, the City of Amsterdam intends to set up a programme of art and culture. Together with We The City and Nieuw en Meer, PUC was asked to carry out an exploration of the possibilities and opportunities for a such a programme in the future Oeverlanden park.

Oeverlanden is a rugged and relatively undiscovered area in the south-west of Amsterdam, providing space for typical urban fringe functions, such as a gay meeting place, a city harbour, allotments and the artist enclave Nieuw en Meer. These initiatives are shaping the area and have taken on a form of informal management. In preparing this exploration, we took inspiration from these particular functions and the people and communities behind them to ensure that their voices are reflected in the future of the area.

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