Event Series on Sustainable Urbanism


On behalf of the City of Amsterdam, we organised a series of travelling stakeholder meetings on sustainable urban transformation.


Amsterdam wants to become a more sustainable city. This means that urban development projects face huge and often complicated ambitions like new energy networks, biodiversity, water infiltration, circular development and sustainable mobility. In order to share knowledge and learn from each other, the City of Amsterdam asked us to organise and curate an event series issuing sustainability in large-scale transformation areas.

An Event Series Touring the City

The Gebiedsronde is an event series that travels through Amsterdam’s major urban transformation areas. At each event, stakeholders — architects, real estate developers, urban authorities — share their insights about sustainable urban transformation. The results are used in the decision-making process and shared with a larger online audience.

We’re fully responsible for the branding of the Gebiedsronde. We created a clear visual identity and website — gebiedsronde.amsterdam. The website announces the events and shares the major insights from each session. In order to share these with a wider audience, we’ve made the texts as clear and straightforward as possible.

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