Walkonomics Shows The Walkability Of Streets Around The Globe

Here in Amsterdam it can sometimes be a dangerous task to cross streets and walk without thinking. There are cars and bicycles everywhere, not to mention other pedestrians, who are so keen on getting to their destination as quick as possible. For foreign people it can therefore be a hard thinking to just stroll through the city. Walkonomics tries to change this by showing the ‘walkability’ of streets around the world and helping you explore the city while you enjoy your walk.

In the last decades, pedestrians have been waging a war against bicycles and automobiles, which have been taking over previously walkable streets by storm. To see which streets are still safe and above all fun to walk through Walkonomics asks the user ‘How walkable is your street?’ The founder of Walkonomics, Andrew Davies, has created an extensive database that shows the walkability of streets around the globe by means of a set of characteristics, such as ‘Road safety’, ‘Easy to cross’ and ‘Hilliness’. Walkonomics uses public databases and a computer model (called WalkoBot) for the base rating and afterwards users like you and me can add additional information and ratings for streets around the city.



Our own Amsterdam is not widely represented yet, but we’re working on that of course. Walkonomics seems to be a great guide to help you explore cities, foreign and local, and find the best streets to walk through while enjoying the beauty around you. Be sure to download the app for your iPhone or Android phone to do some Walkonomics on the go as well!

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