The End Of Sitting

Most of our surroundings are designed for sitting down, but what if we stood up? The End of Sitting by studio RAAAF and visual artist Barbara Visser is a large-scale installation which explores ways to work standing up.

Working from a chair behind your desk the whole day long is unhealthy and it will even shorten your life span. A passive posture can lead to cardiovascular diseases and overweight in the long term. On the other hand working standing up improves blood circulation and increases productivity too, but is unfortunately not facilitated by our current working environments. Even new approaches to office lay-outs with flexible working places are mostly designed for sitting down.

The End Of Sitting

‘The End of Sitting’ does not take chairs and desks as a starting point of the concept. The landscape invites people to experiment with different postures for working. Visitors find out themselves in what way they like to stand, lean or even lay down.

The End Of Sitting

Photo Courtesy of Frederica Rijkenberg and Jan Kempenaers

The temporary installation is a part of an ongoing empirical research. Researchers will analyze the patterns of movement in the installation. It hereby explores new relationships between our environments and our actions. You can find your own perfect posture in the installation at Looiersgracht 60 in Amsterdam until December 7th.

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