#Stadvandetoekomst: A Future City Exhibition Curated By Pop-Up City

Last winter the Museon in The Hague asked us to co-curate a summer exhibition about the city of the future. After months of hard work, we’re very happy to announce the official opening of #stadvandetoekomst (#cityofthefuture) on Thursday June 20th!

If you imagine a city of the future, what comes up in your mind? Flying automobiles? Robots? 100-Kilometer high skyscrapers? When the Museon in The Hague asked us, Pop-Up City, to co-curate an exhibition about the future city, we decided to step away from the usual utopian or dystopian future city speculations and instead take trends that are already happening as a starting point. The result is a playful exhibition that tells a story about the major trends and ideas that will re-shape our cities and life within cities.


Our aim with the exhibition is to bring Pop-Up City to life. Last month we did this on stage at theater De Brakke Grond in Amsterdam, this time a museum is the setting. The #stadvandetoekomst exhibition takes the visitor on an inspiring journey to the city of the future along different themes, ranging from new urban lifestyles and technological innovations on the street to future economic models and ground-breaking ideas on food production. The exhibition has the look-and-feel of an urban construction site. It contains a Pop-Up City theater, a little exhibition that presents the latest future city trends, a fab lab and a construction site with a real-life ‘Sim City’ to which visitors can contribute themselves.

#stadvandetoekomst will be opened on Thursday June 20th at 3:30 PM. Want to come along? Drop us a line at mail@popupcity.net!

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