Now, Don’t Forget To Fold Inn Your Room, Will Ya?

Fellow workers out there, listen up! Think of all the situations you would have preferred to have your bed right next to your desk. Think of all the times you wanted to sleep in your own bed and, instead, had to turn to an expensive hotel or a budget hostel. Fold Inn could send all these problems to the past as this expandable bedroom is easy to store away and set up again within seconds.

Fold Inn

The Fold Inn, by Dutch designers Lieke Jildou de Jong and Alei Verspoor, is essentially a box that unfolds into a flexible bedroom. When expanded this unique alternative to hotels covers about the size of an average elevator. The clue: It does not only come with a bed and bedding but also provides the user with his or her very own walls. And no, there are no flimsy curtains involved. The walls are actually made of rock-solid wood so you can really enjoy privacy.

Fold Inn

To get a glimpse on the Fold Inn visit the Dutch Design Week in Eindhoven from 19 to 27 October. The designers will be presenting the Fold Inn to the public for the very first time at the Temporary Art Centre (TAC) among the other 80 participants from 18 different countries. Have a look and find out for what else the Fold Inn can be used.

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