Nano Inside: The Supermarket Of The Future

Eatable software, liquid glass, wine of which its taste can be altered with micro waves, a Twitter implant, invisible security spray and much more. All these ‘nano inside’ products are presented today, at the debate-provoking NANO Supermarket. For the Dutch Design Week in Eindhoven (23-30 October), Next Nature launches the NANO Supermarket: a mobile supermarket exploring the future of everyday products. As proclaimed by the initiators, the supermarket of the future will be a different one, because of the introduction of nano technology on product level. The NANO Supermarket presents a collection of innovative and speculative nano-tech products that may hit the shelves in the next ten years. What to think of the nano-paint for instance, a smart wall paint with nanotechnology inside that enables us to change the color of the wall with a push of a button?

All products are submitted by designers, technologists and artists from six different countries. They were selected by a jury of nanotech experts and design experts. The nano-inside products are both innovative and provoking. “They function as scenarios for potential nano futures, that help us decide what nano future we actually want.”

“Nano-technology is an emerging field of science that deals with the manipulation of structures on an atomic and molecular scale – the size of one billionth of a meter. It is often seen as a trend in material science, but has much deeper implications. Nano-technology radically intervenes with our notion of what is natural. It may realize the dreams people have of themselves and significantly improve our lives, but may also have its downsides.”

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