Japanese City Installs Smartphone Stands For ‘Kodak Moments’

People love it to take a picture of themselves in front of a beautiful landscape or landmark, especially when they’re on holiday. It practically says “I was here!”. Particularily the Japanese like taking those pictures. Nevertheless, asking strangers to take a photo of smiling in front of some iconic statue could be pretty awkward.

Recently, the Japanese city of Fujisawa installed camera stands for mobile phones at scenic spots that are popular to share with friends at home. Created by Sunpole, the stand has a slot to place any type of smartphone in. The stand can be rotated 360 degrees and is positioned at just the right height and distance to include everyone in the frame to allow for a perfect ‘Kodak moment’, says Tokyo Camera Style.

Smartphone stand

Smartphone stand

The Japanese term ‘Kinen-shashin’ stands for the tradition of taking commemorative photographs. This tradition is re-animated by the city of Fujisawa, that understand that happy visitors are the city’s best ambassadors. Due to new technologies and web platforms such as Facebook, the kinen-shashin tradition gains new significance as they enable people to share their pictures with large social networks online. Fujisawa is clever enough to facilitate people to portrait the city on its best and share those images with their friends.

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