In Stores Soon: The Flying Car

If you followed Pop-Up City three years ago, you may remember this piece we wrote about Terrafugia’s early developments in building a flying car. Well, we have good news for you — the company recently announced that a prototype of the ‘Transition’ street plane completed its maiden flight on March 23 in Plattsburgh, New York. According to our first post, the car/plane should have been in stores in 2011 for a price of $194,000. However, it’s now expected to hit the stores by the end of this year for a price of $279,000.

The Dutch company PAL-V also recently announced that their own flying car succeeded a test flight. PAL-V’s prototype named ‘One’ is significantly different than Terrafugia’s ‘Transition’. The One is largely inspired by helicopters, which means it needs less runway space to take off, especially in the city! (Although it would be best to avoid taking off from a narrow street due to the size of its propellers). The One is expected to be for sale for $300,000. Stay tuned…

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