Follow The Map To Find The Exclusive Single Copy Of Dodo Magazine

Dodo Magazine is gearing up for the release of its first issue on April 5. But — that’s the thing — there’s only going to be one single copy printed and released, and it’s up to you to get your hands on that one-of-a-kind edition, the “most exclusive magazine in the world”.

On April 5, on its website and Facebook page, Dodo Magazine will releasing a map of where to find the single copy of the magazine, and then the race is on! The quest for the lone copy of Dodo Magazine is interesting for us at the Pop-Up City since it’s an offbeat meeting of secret urbanism and the gamification of the city – trends we have explored a lot that are changing the way we interact with our cities. But instead of secret and pretentious, the kind of exclusivity that Dodo is inviting is playful and collaborative. Sure, there’s only one copy, but in the search for that copy, a community will form and meet on- and offline.

Dodo Magazine

That playfulness means Dodo Magazine is all about fostering a youthful spirit — “bringing back innocence, making [the readers] feel like there is nothing wrong, and everything is out there to be discovered” according to Rubén Martín, the magazine’s founder.  The result of a collaboration of 40 artists from around the world, articles will focus on adventure, practical tips on how to spend a night in the woods, science, and fantasy.

Dodo Magazine

Dodo describes itself “the magazine that is a tree house”. We’re not sure exactly what that means, but it does point to our desire for media to be an experience, something physical, perhaps in reaction to the blogosphere: an ephemeral, constantly changing entity that consumes much of our media time. Magazine aside, the quest for the single copy of Dodo itself is the experience the artist is providing its readers – an authentic adventure that invites a playful reconsideration of the city.

Dodo Magazine

As print media’s dominance and feasibility continues to wane in the face of online journalism and the blogosphere, this is an interesting strategy to ensure the viability of a print-media endeavor. Best of luck to Dodo Magazine and the adventurers who choose to seek it out!

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