Design Agency On Wheels Provides Logos On Demand

During the Beijing Design Week that took place last month, Amsterdam-based agency Lava turned a scooter into a mobile design agency in order to provide small shops in the Chinese capital’s Dashilan district with fresh tailor-made logos, free of charge.

The mobile designers hit the streets of Beijing with an electric so-called diandong sanlunche, a typical Pekingese scooter with a tin roof that enables you to easily navigate through the narrow alleys of the city. They offered their skills free of charge to shop owners and had a printer on board for instant production of logo signs. Some of the shops didn’t even seem to have a sign telling people what the shop sells. Some of the shop keepers offered the designers a free meal or drink to show their gratitude.

Mobile Design Agency

Mobile Design AgencyMobile Design Agency

This project was realized in a collaboration with Salon/BJ and supported by the Dutch Creative Industries Fund. In the coming months the mobile design team will continue to provide its services in cities such as Istanbul, Moscow and Seoul.

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