A Multi-Level Micro-Restaurant On The Back Of A Bike

So we’ve seen houses on wheels, pedal parks, caravan bikes, Vespa campers and office bicycles, but a micro skyscraper on the back of a bike is yet one step further.

Swiss architecture firm Bureau A created a seven-story ‘skyscraper’ on the back of a tricycle. Their so-called Ta đi Ôtô installation roams the streets of Vietnam’s capital Hanoi and can be used or various purposes, such as a performance space or street kitchen. The Geneva-based designers created the cycle skyscraper for Tadioto, a local bar and cultural center. The multipurpose structure’s flexible design can be plugged into the urban fabric when necessary, and allows for various functions, ranging from a vertical street-food restaurant to an exhibition space.

Ta đi Ôtô cycle skyscraper

According to Dezeen, “the tricycle was originally owned by a steel worker who built the structure, Bureau A adapted it to fit in the bottom section. Made from a framework of blue-painted steel tubes, the mobile structure also has a small PVC roof and a battery-powered fan and lights”.

Ta đi Ôtô cycle skyscraper

Ta đi Ôtô cycle skyscraper

Concepts like these are particularly interesting in dense Asian cities. Hanoi is extremely crowded and life seems to be just a bit more flexible compared to Western-world cities. People are more used to use public spaces for their daily life routines like eating. Although the steel construction has the clumsy appearance of a giraffe, it seems to be very handy for Vietnamese purposes. Let’s just hope that bridges and viaducts are high enough…

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