A Fly-Thru Restaurant For Birds

The fact that birds eat fastfood becomes clear when you pay attention to the pigeons on the central squares of the world’s big cities. Picking the left-overs of hamburgers and fries from right between your your legs, these intrusive birds know very well what they prefer for dinner.

Fly-thru restaurant for birds by Brian Wolter

As a consequence of adopting human eating habits they are increasingly fat. Obesity among birds becomes an urban phenomenon. This must have triggered Copenhagen-based artist Brian Wolter to create this take-away for birds.

Fly-thru restaurant for birds by Brian Wolter

Wolter’s intervention regards a bird house that does not feed the birds in a traditional way, but according to 21st century consumerism standards. The ‘Fly Thru’, as the installation is called, is made for the fastfood generation of birds, says the artist. ‘Fly Thru’ is equipped with solar panels to light up the signs and the house when it gets dark. The miniature fastfood restaurant is built of recycled wood and freshly 3D-printed objects.

Fly-thru restaurant for birds by Brian Wolter

As argued in our 2012 urban trend report, design for animals is hotter than hot. Over the last years all kinds of designs were launched that aim to make the lives of birds and other urban animals more comfortable. This one is definitely a great addition to the list…

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