A Coffee Drive-In For Cyclists

In order to further improve bicycle culture and infrastructure, the urban authorities in Zürich teamed up with a team of designers to launch a true coffee drive-in for cyclists.

Placed in front of a popular cafeteria, the specially designed wooden table allows people to enjoy a coffee without getting off their bikes. Anyone who checks in at the drive-in on Foursquare or Facebook gets a free cup of coffee from the barista. The drive-in concept saves the cyclist from the fuzz of searching for a parking lot, chaining the bike and overall worrying whether the bicycle will be still there after a coffee break (a true, everyday Dutch story).

Velokafi, Zürich

Velokafi, Zürich

The so-called Velokafi is part of Zürich’s strategy for transportation infrastructure improvement by the year 2025. The policy-makers aim to reduce the car traffic flow while enhancing pedestrian and cycling alternatives by improving the relevant infrastructure and by launching temporary and catchy interventions, like the Velokafi.

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