Lost And Found Concept For Urban Neighbor­hoods

Shapeways is providing another way to connect humans by engaging a fail-safe formula: 3D-printing + social media = cool experience.

The concept of #LostFound is simple. You purchase and download the package, print off several small, plastic hooks and install them around your neighborhood. If someone comes across a misplaced object they place it on a nearby hook, take a location shot of the item and post it to Twitter or Instagram, along with the #lostfound tag. This is in the hope of the dismayed owner scouring the feed to then find their beloved article. Instant karma or what?

#LostFound#LostFound #LostFound

The idea is novel but certainly not worthless; any attempt to rid daily life of the dreaded “I’ve lost my keys forever,” gets a thumbs up from me. The sheer simplicity of the concept surrounding this product enables it to seamlessly integrate into the urban environment. Alongside this, it creates a physical dimension to the often faceless world of social media, whilst promoting a neighborhood-wide feeling of a kind, smartphone using soul having your back.