World Cup Fever And Floating Houses

Today is one of those days that the whole topic of architecture seems to be of relative importance. After yesterday’s amazing Dutch victory over Uruguay in the FIFA World Cup Semi Finals, my mind is almost completely filled with football-related content. So today’s question is: how to relate the Dutch presence in the Final at this World Cup to flexible urbanism? Well, the answer comes from the past — 22 years ago.

Here are some images of the situation after the 1988 victory at the European Championships during a canal tour of the national team in Amsterdam. It was a hard day for flexible urbanism. Many house boats on the canals have sunk as a consequence of partying people standing on the roofs. This situation still provokes some debates about festivities in Holland’s capital.

Meanwhile Amsterdam already offered the Dutch football association to organize the homage for the current Dutch football team, whether they will win or not. House boat owners have already expressed their anxiety. Therefore the organization has announced to search for a route without the presence of many houseboats. Insurance company Delta Lloyd responded to the situation with the guerrilla campaign featured above. The sign on top of the boat says ‘Reserved’, speculating on a possible Dutch victory.