Wifis.org Turns Wireless Networks Into Digital Post Boxes

Wifis.org is a start-up that aims to be a “contact form for your Wi-Fi network”. The new company, founded by Mathias Nitzsche, provides a free service that enables its users to be contacted by others through their wireless networks. How? People register a unique ID with the site (for instance wifis.org/example) and then rename their wireless network into that URL. People who spot your network can easily leave you a message by using the contact form on your personal page.

Why would you use it? The company suggests that their service could appeal to “friendly neighbors might invite you to a beer, or ask if you want to share your Wi-Fi for a monthly payment”. What makes Wifis.org interesting is that it is a digital communication channel attached to place. Furthermore, it enables users to get contacted by others without revealing their personal details — the existence of a Wi-Fi network is enough to receive messages.