Why Urban Gardeners Should Carry A Shotgun

It seems to be quite a battle to make urban spaces greener and better-looking. A few years ago seed bombs were a big hype on the urban gardening battlefield. The people behind Flower Shell take it one step further as they developed a 12 gauge shotgun shell that lets you fire flower seeds instead of lead.

Initiator Per Cromwell says to love gardens more than gardening, so he wanted to make the seeding process easier. He started opening up shotgun shells, replaced the lead with seeds, and reduced the amount of gun powder. His invention turns out to work quite well after he notices flowers growing on the wastelands where he emptied his gun.

Flower Shell

Flower Shell is currently in the process of running a crowd-funding campaign on Indiegogo to make the production of the first seed-filled shotgun shells happen. For 50 dollar backers wil receive a pack of shotgun shells filled with seeds of their favorite flowers, such as sunflower, papaver, cornflower, clematis, lupine and lavender.

Flower Shell

The project has already been funded by the international urban gardening enthousiasts who apparently all seem to be the owner of a shotgun — something that makes the project interesting, but also a little strange. Imagine yourself spotting a guy walking down a derelict urban area with a shotgun in his hands who says to be seeding sunflowers. Would you believe him?