When Bicycle Culture Meets Graphic Design

De Fietsfabriek means The Bike factory in English. It’s a bicycle company from our home town Amsterdam that manufactures and sells hand-built quality bikes. Over the last years we’ve seen Fietsfabriek stores popping up in cities like Berlin, New York, Copenhagen and Stockholm. Copenhagen-based design student Kristoffer Hvitfeldt created a brand-new visual identity for the company, which is definitely worth giving a look.

“The assignment was to redesign their existing brand. The approach were to unite the robust bikes and the handcraftet production without loosing the product. The new design incorporate logo, identity, web and packaging into one unified language.”

The good-looking packages give ordinary products like a saddle or a bike lock a special touch. Hvitfeldt’s graphic identity fits well with the current trend of metropolitan bicycle culture that strongly merges with the creative world. De Fietsfabriek is the Dutch answer to this trend. Good ‘ol Dutch bicycle manufacturers such as Gazelle and Batavus have chosen not to launch ‘cool’ urban bikes but rather keep their focus on producing ‘ordinary’ bicycles. Click here if you want to see more of Hvitfeldt’s work for De Fietsfabriek.