Wheely’s: The First Global Food Cart Franchise

Wheely’s Café is a café franchise on wheels that wants to become a global brand with their Wheely’s parked in cities all around the world. Starbucks be afraid, be very afraid.

“Wheely’s will offer the bike owners with all the advantages that has made franchise owners of super brands like McDonald’s so successful: A recognisable brand, design, marketing, social media presence and cheaper prices due to big volumes – but at a fraction of the cost.” And if all the above is still not the reason for you to believe in the franchise, the fact that people prefer the known before the unknown might be.

Wheely's Cafe

The smallest and the cheapest ecological café can be purchased for 3000$ and is equipped with everything to sell coffee, tea, soft drinks and pastry on any given location reachable by a bike. The creators developed a business model affordable to everyone with a small budget and a big wish to make a living out of selling fresh ecological coffee on a corner of their favorite street. They promise no rent, no boss, no hassle.

Wheely's Cafe

Wheely’s has already been fully funded on Indiegogo and in a few months you’ll be able to buy coffee from your local Wheely’s café in Berlin, Amsterdam, Vancouver, Santiago de Chile and we hope in many more cities around the globe.