Welcome To Tora Bora Inn

Some of you may remember the fuzz about Manhattan’s highly contested Ground Zero Mosque a month ago. Some frustrated Tea Party types considered the Islamic community center too close to Ground Zero. To add some fuel to the fire (yeah baby), Saudi Arabian architecture firm Stealth Architects has proposed a controversial but brilliant Terrorist Motel as an alternative to the community center, which is planned to be built at 51 Park Place. According to the designers, the underground, cave-like motel “will provide a remarkable refuge in a city known for its high cost of living. At the very least we’ll know where they’re hiding this time.”

The motel is a ‘negative building’ containing a sixteen story underground labyrinth, two hundred foot hole-in-the-ground filled with caves. Furthermore, the skyscraper will give place to a state-of-the-art training facility, a library of clandestine training manuals, designated storage areas for ammunition, and dirt cheap accommodations for international terrorists and drug smugglers. The Terrorist Motel’s entrance is modeled after Osama Bin Laden’s Tora Bora outpost with an entrance in the form of a dramatic mountain cave. Mr. Muhammad Imam, the spokesperson for Stealth Architects, explains the lack of proper facilities:

“Terrorists don’t need five-star accommodations; they’re used to sleeping on straw beds or directly on the dirt ground, so it will be a relatively inexpensive project to build, they don’t need a fancy restaurant, swimming pool, or a health club, they’re pretty hard core types. We’ve included some perks like free Wi-Fi internet connections, and a shooting range. Still, it’s not going to be something to write home about.”