Wearables For A Modern Urban Lifestyle

Personal space can be a rare thing in overpopulated contemporary cities. Metro systems in cities like London, Tokyo and Hong Kong can be so overcrowded that you’re forced to share that space with strangers. That’s why Hong Kong-based artist Kathleen McDermott created a dress that automatically expands when someone gets too close.

Made out of umbrellas, the Personal Space Dress is a dress that uses an ultrasonic sensor to detect when someone, or something, is too close to it. As soon as that happens it uses continuous rotation servo motors to expand the dress and protect the wearer’s personal space.

Personal Space DressPersonal Space Dress

The personal dress is part of a series of wearables that address the discomfort that women face in their everyday urban life. Another project in the Urban Armor series (that helps women exercise control over their personal/public space) is the autofilter, a robotic scarf that responds to pollution by covering the face of the wearer. On the website you’ll find comprehensive instructions on how to make this wereable technology yourself.