Wanderlust: Location-Based Storytelling

After many location-based applications have discovered the possibilities of the smart phone to tell people where you are, what you do and what you’re going to do, a new generation of location-aware apps is currently being launched. Wanderlust is one of this specific niche apps that is not focusing on you sending and telling people about your location or plans (like you do with Foursquare or Ditto), but on a story which unfolds when you’re at different locations. Obviously, Wanderlust is a storytelling platform which makes use of the location database of Foursquare. A story currently available at Wanderlust is South by Southwest in Austin:

“Spy triller set in Austin. This story has 7 acts and takes place in convention centers, hotels, bars, and a café. Head to a convention center to begin reading.To unlock the first episode of the story one needs to check in at a convention centre.”

As the location itself plays an important role in the story, this application intensifies the experience of the story. The story itself will tell you were to go next to enjoy the next episode of the story. According to UrbanTick, Wanderlust is like location type hopping following a storyboard. The makers of Wanderlust have invited a couple of known writers such as Naomi Alderman and Tom Chatfield to come up with the first stories. Others can also hand in their stories and share these on the Wanderlust platform to enrich it with a small touch of location.

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