Wall Street Streets

Along the lines of the 99% movement (which inspired his earlier ‘Seating for the One Percent’ project), Sebastian Errazuriz adds his own contribution to New York’s street lines. The Chile-born artist and designer transforms lines into dollar signs by painting a white letter ‘S’ across each line.

Errazuriz is obsessed with the dichotomies of life and death, which reminds the viewer of their mortality. With Wall Street Nation (the name of his project), Sebastian aims to illustrate the paralyzing fear that people experience today while greed is growing and transforming the way people live. As he explains to Mocoloco:

“I’m afraid greed is rapidly changing life as we know it; it’s become normal that while home owners are being evicted, banks considered ‘too big to fail’ are shamelessly gambling with citizens money. The 99% are intimidated by their own police force while judges rule that companies have the same rights as people. Now corporations are pouring unregulated amounts of money into Super PACs to influence the elections and secure politicians that will continue to de-regulate the market and make them more money. It’s all spiraling out of control; greed is taking over and people are loosing all sense of proportion and justice.”