Volkswagen Hovercraft

The 21 year old Chinese designer Yuhan Zhang has designed a prototype hovercraft car for the consumer market.

The Volkswagen Aqua should introduce the concept of the hovercraft to a mainstream audience. And how can you do this better than by creating a new Volkswagen? The Aqua is a good alternative for a SUV pulling a boat trailer behind it, and a ski box on top. It’s all in one. The Volkswagen Aqua is an all-terrain car, literary. And it looks good, as it also has a sports car twist.

My Modern Met explains how this all works.

“This new Volkswagen is an all-terrain hovercraft that has more than one engine. The primary motor, which is powered by a hydrogen fuel cell, is used to drive the main fan which inflates the skirt around the vehicle and raises the hovercraft just above the ground. The fans at the rear of the vehicle are powered by individual electric motors to provide forward thrust and directional control.”

The entry was recently shortlisted in the CDN Car Design Awards in China. And although this hovercraft-type of Volkswagen is not on the market yet, we could imagine this to be an interesting innovation for future traffic issues in large scale metropolitan delta regions. The rivers and other waterways in these areas are the broadest highways one could imagine, mostly penetrating the urban centers perfectly.