Urban Hacking To Sell Bratwurst Along The German Highway

Along the German A9 Autobahn a creative entrepreneur did some hardcore urban hacking methods to sell traditional Thuringer Bratwurst. While his kiosk is situated on the other side of a fence, the owner brilliantly understood that he will sell quite some sausages, ice creams and drinks to the resting car travelers on their way from Berlin to Munich.

The fence is used to add a complementary selling desk. With a bell attached to the fence, passers-by can call the kiosk owner who will take the order and serve the client while climbing the stairs. Also a small table is attached to the fence that separates the highway environment and the surrounding leisure landscape. Earlier this month we reported about Fabrique | Hacktion’s guerrilla hacking kit. These additions to the urban lay-out could easily have been part of this kit, although they serve a rather economic goal. This entrepreneur has a good business going on here, thanks to his inventiveness and perhaps the lessons learned from the street art scene. Would he be a notorious reader of Urban Shit or REBEL:ART? Regarding creative ways to sell Bratwurst, this post is interesting too.