Upload Cinema Amsterdam

The contemporary web creates opportunities for for new types of content produced in completely different settings and styles.

Every Internet user has the ability to make good stuff and distribute it through the web. There seems to be one rule to become big with your product: quality wins! As a consequence another type of new short movies has emerged. Without paralysation by Hollywood conducts and discussed at cocktail parties, but set free in terms of production and distribution. Amsterdam-based initiative Upload Cinema takes the best of web movies to the big screen. Upload Cinema is a club, which means it’s for members only. You can become a member by invitation, or by entering a film that has been accepted in the programme.

“Every first Monday of the month at 9:30 pm, a fresh programme of Internet shorts is screened at movie theater De Uitkijk in Amsterdam. Upload Cinema is a cozy get-together for people who enjoy watching, sharing and making web films. The aim is simple: to offer each month an inspiring and entertaining feature length program of Internet shorts. The web is changing film. Not only the way film content is being distributed, but also the way film is being produced and watched.”